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About H+ fluid GmbH from Bretten

H+ fluid combines what makes the best quality and reliability: many years of experience in valve production, with the speed, adaptability and customer-orientation of a start-up.

Your reliable partner for production

For more than a quarter of a century, Heimberger GmbH, our sister company located in Oberderdingen, has been producing quality 2/2-way solenoid valves.  During this time, Heimberger GmbH acquired substantial competence and capitalized on its strength to develop new products.


With the foundation of H+ fluid GmbH in 2020 to specialize on solenoid valve development and manufacturing, the company now boasts its own range of products.  Reliability and quality, a trademark of Heimberger GmbH, were used in developing the product portfolio.  In doing so, H+ Fluid GmbH was able to satisfy customers’ expectations to act as a direct supplier.A 100% family-owned business, H+ fluid GmbH is a classic example of a healthy German mid-size company with big ambitions!  Our focus is on further development, assembly and distribution of 2/2-way solenoid valves.


The first milestone achieved consisted of moving to a new premises in Bretten-Gölshausen during spring 2021.  Thanks to very efficient, reliable workflows and processes, H+ fluid was soon able to convince major customers to use its products.  Now nothing stands in the way of sustainable growth.

"Our mission is to enable sustainable and climate-friendly growth in refrigeration and air conditioning by providing our customers with sophisticated and customised solutions."

Darko Pinter
Managing Director of H+ fluid GmbH

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Darko Pinter

Managing Director

Senior Area Sales Manager

West and North Germany

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Maximilian Schwarz

Senior Area Sales Manager

South and East Germany

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